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Relic of the Mothership

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With high profile performances and DJ appearances across Europe and North America, New York City’s Temu has established himself as a one of a kind force of nature, carrying the torch of funk for future generations. His latest album ‘Relic Of The Mothership’ is a masterclass filled with mind altering grooves, mesmerizing talk box melodies, and of course Temu’s show stopping voice.

Opening with ‘Scavangas,’ Temu’s ability to reinvent genres in his own image is on display right away. He and collaborator Blacc El erase walls between hip hop and soul, weaving thought provoking social observations together with dance rhythms that speak directly to the body. Drawing from the work of singular geniuses like Prince, George Clinton, Zapp, and Roger Temu takes listeners on an interstellar journey that speaks directly to every day life, as highlighted with the down and dirty title track.

On album highlight ‘Jooze,’ Temu shows a different side of himself, focusing on an electronic dance beat that could light up a rave. The track provides so much content that he later presents its remix as a mirror image, a Sly Stone, Morris Day inspired piece of laid back psychedelia. By the closing notes of ‘Magic & Sorcery,’ Temu has taken a trip from the innermost parts of his mind to the farthest reaches of outer space and back. Temu is no ordinary artist, and this is no ordinary album. Instead, it is the gateway into the mind of a truly extraordinary artist.- Jamshpere

‘Relic Of The Mothership’ is available everywhere now. 

" Like some modern day incarnation of Prince... It's brilliant..."

-Juno Records

"...drenched in sweat .... whilst I danced and twerked... blistered my inner thighs!!” - Discogs

"...true talent and dedication to his craft." 

-Music is my Sanctuary

"...described as a '21st Century P-Funk,' and with good reason – his music can be downright funky." - Live for Live Music

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